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Peter John Heinlein   Ida E. Meinecke
b. 2 Sep 1894 b.p. Blumfield Twp., MI b. 17 Aug 1894 b.p. Buena Vista Twp, MI
d. 4 Aug 1971 d.p. West Branch, MI d. 28 Jul 1980 d.p. Saginaw, MI
Obit m. 23 Feb 1919 m.p. Blumfield Twp, MI Obit


Henry Meinecke   Wilhelmina (Minnie) Rohloff
b. 27 Mar 1857 b.p. Hanover, Germany b. 15 Oct 1866 b.p. Germany
d. 7 Jul 1906 d.p. Saginaw, MI d. 5 Apr 1943 d.p. Buena Vista Twp, MI
Obit m. 17 Jan 1886 m.p. Saginaw, MI Obit


Carl Meinecke   Margaret Alvers
b. (?) b.p. ? b. (?) b.p. ?
d. (?) d.p. ? d. (?) d.p. ?
  m. (?) m.p. ?

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