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Children of Peter and Ida Heinlein


Reuben John Charles Heinlein   Margaret Hochtanner
b. 28 Apr b.p. Blumfield Twn. b. 7 Apr b.p. Blumfield Twn
  m. 31 Aug 1942 m.p. (?)

(2) Ruth Marie Catherine Heinlein


Erna Alma Hildegarde Heinlein   Edward Gillig
b. 29 May 1928 b.p. Blumfield Twn. b. 1 Dec 1922 b.p. Windsor, CO
d. 28 Mar 2001 d.p. Blumfield Twn. d. 3 Apr 2000 d.p. Reese, MI


m. 18 Jun 1949 m.p. Frankentrost, MI


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