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Alfred Casper (Cap) Jock   Leota Mae Shaylor (Shayler)
b. 1 Oct 1891 b.p. Arenac Co., MI b. 18 Dec 1892 b.p. Clarkston, MI
d. 6 Jun 1992 d.p. Arenac Co., MI d. 30 Sep 1963 d.p. Standish, MI
  m. 19 Sep 1916 m.p. Bentley, MI



Charles Washington Shaylor   Mary Cypher
b. Jul 1858 b.p. Michigan b. Oct 1862 b.p. Michigan
d. after 1920 d.p. ? d. 1910-1920 d.p. ?
  m. after 1880 m.p. ?


Richard Shayler   Jane ?
b. 1810 (?) b.p. England b. 1824 (?) b.p. New York
d. 1870-1880 d.p. Independence Co., MI d. after 2 Jun 1900 d.p. ?
  m. (?) m.p. ?

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