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Kenneth Eldon Tessin   Linda Lucille Jock
b. 23 Jun 1950 b.p. West Branch, MI b. 18 Aug 1951 b.p. Bay City, MI
  m. 28 Jul 1973 m.p. Saginaw, MI


Wilford Richard Jock   Sylvia Mae Scheall
b. 30 Apr b.p. b. 24 Jul b.p.
  m. 9 Sep 1950 m.p. Standish, MI
  div. Apr 1970


Leon William Scheall   Sylvia Mae Dobler
b. 14 Apr 1902 b.p. Ypsilanti, MI b. 17 May 1916 b.p. Clayton Twn, MI
d. 10 Apr 1976 d.p. Standish, MI d. 16 Jul 1981 d.p. Standish, MI


m. 9 Jun 1932 m.p. Maple Ridge, MI


Gottlieb Dobler   Margaret Larissa Reynolds
b. 7 Dec 1880 b.p. Badin, Germany b. 20 Aug 1877 b.p. Shiawassee Co., MI
d. 23 Jan 1962 d.p. ? d. 8 Feb 1942 d.p. ?
  m. 28 Nov 1905 m.p. ?


Fredrick Adolph Dobler   Katherine Willet
b. Jul 1851 b.p. Germany b. May 1851 b.p. Germany
d. 1929(?) d.p. ? d. 1923(?) d.p. ?
  m. (?) m.p. ?

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